New Fast Drying Liquid Screed

Flo-Screed UK Ltd is now able to offer our customers a fast drying liquid screed. Fast drying Floscreed is a liquid screed is a cement based product which is self-levelling and can be laid over underfloor heating, floor insulation or existing floors ideal for newbuilds, barn conversion, extensions and renovations.

To lay our fast drying liquid screed your build must be totally watertight and free from airflow- this allows the fast drying floscreed to be laid as late as possible within your programme of works.
The benefits of fast drying Floscreed:
  • High reliability on all types of floor heating
  • UFH can be turned on 7 days after the pour.
  • A perfect flatness of the finished floor
  • Thermal conductivity: 1.8 w/m.k
  • Light foot traffic 24hours after being laid.
  • This enables customers to tile on the screed after 14days of being laid and 21 days for wooden flooring.
  • Fast drying liquid screed is ideal for those tight deadline timescales allowing tiles to be laid after 14 days.

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