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Under floor Screed

Liquid Underfloor Heating Floor Screed - Flo Screed

  Flo-screed is a liquid underfloor heating floor screed designed to compliment and complete your underfloor heating system with significant advantages over traditional sand and cement floor screeds. Flo-screed is a liquid screed/flowing screed produced to a flowable consistency to fully encompass the underfloor heating pipes producing a void free screed which is virtually impossible to achieve with sand and cement. Flo-screed is ideal for commercial, domestic and self build projects of all sizes including renovation as well as new build.
Under Floor Heating
Under floor Screed

Generally 50mm of liquid screed
(i.e. giving a 35mm cover over a 15mm pipe)
can be used instead of 75mm of sand and cement screed.


Advantages of Underfloor Heating Floor Screed:-

New Fast Drying Screed Able To Tile On Within 14 Days
cemex Underfloor Heating Screed
Lafarge Gyvlon Underfloor Heating Screed screed
maxit Underfloor Heating Screed
Tarmac Truflow Underfloor Heating Screed

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